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    I've read that during one of Columbus' later voyages, when he was extremely frustrated that he could not find anything resembling the Far East, he briefly abandoned the round-earth model (not that it had been an invention of his, of course) to explain where he was. According to Daniel Boorstin, former curator of the Library of Congress, Columbus wrote in his journal that he now thought the earth rose from the cosmic plain like a woman's breast, with paradise located in the nipple. Apparently there is such a thing as too much time at sea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kiz_paws
    OMG ... laffing too hard..
    Be careful. Those people are out there doing ordinary things most of the time, even in the prairies. Just hope you never take an airliner that is piloted by one of them.
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    If you ever want some weird entertainment, then try the youtube videos about the Flat Earth. I didn't write this in the hope of educating a Flat Earther. No, the purpose of this is to point out how ignorant and difficult to teach such people are. It seems that people hang on to ideas hat were disproved a long time ago, as if they were religious beliefs.
    OMG ... laffing too hard..
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    Correct. I have an advent calendar and every day I open it and tell you what’s inside. Then I’ll just talk about something else while I’m here. Just for fun.
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    I was wondering what kind of journal you were writing BB, until I remembered the German Advent time. It starts four Sundays before Christmas. One puts up an Advent Whreat with four candles and each Advent Sunday one candle is lit:

    Also we had an Advent Calendar with a Christmas picture and 25 small windows. Every day one opens the corresponding picture, which contains a small image and in some version a chocolate.

    I think your journal is covering the days that lead up to Christmas.
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    "Skammdegis■unglyndi" is nasty! I some times feel a bit so, on rainy days, when the sky is very dark.
    I think the best thing you can do, is surround with everything you like. Ones children and pets are very
    anti-skammdegis■unglyndi. Hot chocolate helps too and if you don┤t feel like reading, maybe you have other hobbies.
    Best wishes
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    Quote Originally Posted by kiz_paws
    Ahh, finally ... I can comment here, PeterL!
    Well, just wanted to say how fascinating this whole topic is and how truly mind-boggling the whole concept of time-travel is... wow!
    Yea and verily it is a fascinating subject. The more the better.

    And Scheherazade informed me that she thinks that matter of staying signed in can be handled by checking the box when one logs in.
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    hey all

    it is good to know that I am not the only one who has gone through this and it is true when I was in school I would make a list of all the books I wanted to read when I could read for myself! not for a class, even though I loved all my classes and most of the books I read for them.

    I am lazy, I know that and admit it freely and it is true that it is easier to just read articles online or simply turn on the tv.

    Here on the ice it is very common that people get low during those dark winter months, we have a word for it "skammdegis■unglyndi" it just means being depressed when it's dark, we call the darkness during the day skammdegi and that means short day. I have never seen myself as one of those but it might affect me in a different way.

    I tried reading some poetry last night. When I was in school I always had poetry on my night stand cause it was the only reading for me I had time for.

    and thanks kiz paws, my new cat is a delight. We decided to get a kitten for my dog when my older dog passed this summer, Spock was almost 16 years old and he was my best friend. Sisko has never been alone so he started barking and crying when he was left alone but the cat has almost fixed that problem.
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    Ahh, finally ... I can comment here, PeterL!
    Well, just wanted to say how fascinating this whole topic is and how truly mind-boggling the whole concept of time-travel is... wow!
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    Hope that the slump in reading will pick up soon for you.
    Congratulations on the new kitty!
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    Sorry to read that. I have been an intense reader for the most part of my life. Curiously my interest in reading, diminished a lot after I started to study literature.
    Several factors also contributed to made me much less addicted to books: eyesight problems, books are expensive and difficult to find in this country, where nobody reads, a certain mental laziness, TV watching and internet activity.

    I hope the book flood will help you to get over your hard spell. If not, maybe you should just forget a bit about books and turn to other hobbies until the interest comes back.
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    It depends on how deeply one digs into their ancestry.
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    I prefer genealogy. There's less chance of getting plague.
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    Yes, it is pretty ugly. I have nothing against direct and honest oligarchy or monarchy, but trying to claim that they are democratic is offensive.
    If you are curious, this is the blog, link to newest post there. With a suitable perspective, it is funny. This post argues that oligarchy is more democratic than broad based representation.
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    It seems like the people who want to run the town don't want anyone watching them. The Town Meeting can look into matters, and it could set up standing committees like congress, but it hasn't, and the present proposal will eliminate the town meeting and leave very little citizen oversight over town business. Money is already spent with reckless abandon, without citizens watching I wonder how much more recklessly spending will be.
    How ugly is that!

    Let us truly hope that the citizens get their heads on straight and take charge.

    Good luck, Peter, and I hope your letter got printed!