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Where Angels Fear to Tread



When a young English widow takes off on the grand tour and along the way marries a penniless Italian, her in-laws are not amused. That the marriage should fail and poor Lilia die tragically are only to be expected. But that Lilia should have had a baby -- and that the baby should be raised as an Italian! -- are matters requiring immediate correction by Philip Herriton, his dour sister Harriet, and their well-meaning friend Miss Abbott.

In his first novel, E. M. Forster anticipated the themes of cultural collision and the sterility of the English middle class that he would develop in A Room with a View and A Passage to India. Where Angels Fear to Tread is an accomplished, harrowing, and malevolently funny book, in which familiar notions of vice and virtue collapse underfoot and the best intentions go mortally awry.

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Conventional morality confronts culture and passion

I enjoyed the roller-coaster ride as Lilia, Philip and Miss Abbott collide with Italian passion far from home.

Study Guide

Hi, I'm looking for a study guide, critical essays or any notes on "Where Angels Fear to Tread" By: E.M.Forster . if you know a website or a book that deals with this novel please send it to me Thanks,

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OK book, like all of Forster's stuff that I've read it's tough to get through, but the end is worth it.

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Well the book wasn't at all appealing to me, I had to read for my Language Arts class and do a 10 page reseaech paper on it. It was rather predictable and I've read better short stories.

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Quite possible the worst book ever written, the dialogue between the characters is unbelievable and the whole book has a morbidity to it which chills. If your comparing this and say 'the complete history of saucepans' i know which to choose, and i get some new pans too.

The book is far too short for effective analysis and the letters to Trevelian reveal him to be a pompous little man.

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Shows how ghastly the english middle classes can be. some of their attitudes to fpreigners sadly are still prevalent today, though fortunately in decline as the english recognize their real standing in the world today

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i'm from indonesia, asia. we use Forster's short stories as materials in our prose class, like "the life to come" "the machine stops" etc. i feel like there is a big rock replacing my brain, and i give up. they are too difficult to understand.

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Brilliant read. Funny and sad. Wonderful evocation of Italy and sad emotional state of the English middle class in the early 20th century.

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not a good book to read.. not recommended

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good book

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