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The Death of Olivier Becaille

Buried alive. Could there be nothing more bone-chilling? Olivier Becaille is a plain little man of not much consequence aside from the fact that he is subject to periodic blackouts, a condition known nowadays as syncope. Unfortunately, at that time, no one really knew about this condition. Horror of horrors when he is mistaken for dead, even by a "doctor." To add to the horror, while Olivier is listening to his own funeral arrangements being performed by the mere owner of the inn they are staying in (and she does not know him), another man is rapidly courting Olivier's wife. He can hear all this but there is nothing he can do. He cannot move a muscle and his eyes remain firmly shut. Indeed. His next stop is his own coffin. He is buried alive. You must find out what happens next. Step into the cemetery find out.--Submitted by Virginia Arthur


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