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Eliot Gregory


Eliot Gregory (1854-1915), American artist and author wrote in his The Ways of Men (1900);

"There comes, we are told, a crucial moment, `a tide' in all lives, that taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. An assertion, by the bye, which is open to doubt. What does come to every one is an hour fraught with warning, which, if unheeded, leads on to folly. This fateful date coincides for most of us with the discovery that we are turning gray, or that the `crow's feet' or our temples are becoming visible realities. The unpleasant question then presents itself: Are we to slip meekly into middle age, or are arms be taken up against our insidious enemy, and the rest of life become a losing battle, fought inch by inch?"--Chapter 22, "Growing Old Ungracefully"

Eliot Gregory was born in 1854 in New York City, New York. His studies led him to Paris where he immersed himself in the art world, and then undertook a career of painting portraits of prominent people. An outspoken critic and discerning observer of people, he wrote numerous short stories and essays published in such newspapers and magazines as The New York Post, Scribner's and Harper's, which were published collectively in his Worldly Ways and Byways (1898). Eliot Gregory died in New York in 1915.

"This much abused `world' is a fairly agreeable place if you do not take it seriously. Meet it with a friendly face and it will smile gayly back at you, but do not ask of it what it cannot give, or attribute to its verdicts more importance than they deserve."--from the Preface of Worldly Ways and Byways

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Eliot Gregory

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