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The Warlord of Mars

Far to the north, in the frozen wastes of Polar Mars, lay the home of the Holy Therns, sacred and inviolate. Only John Carter dared to go there to find his lost Dejah Thoris. But between him and his goal lay the bones of all who had gone before.

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An awesome conclusion to ERB's triology. The plot twists and action make for one of the best novels of the twentieth century. Only the first book "A Princess of Mars" out does this book, and makes for some of the most exciting reading ever produced. A hard to put down triology that I have read more than four times over the years. The story never dulls with subsequent readings and the stories make for more fun then can be found in any other book or movie available today. Why this series has NOT been made into a sci-fi movie(s) goes beyond me. If done right it could also be one of the greatest films ever produced. Long live JOHN CARTER, DeJah Thoris and Edgar Rice Burroughs!!

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