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Tarzan the Untamed

The seventh book of the adventures of Tarzan.
Tarzan faced his worst attack--an attack against his wife and child. With the speed of the great apes, Tarzan rushed through the jungle toward his home and family--only to find that the marauders had been there before him. His farm was in shambles and no one was left alive. Of his beloved wife there was only a charred, blackened corpse, still wearing the rings he had given her. Silently, he buried the body and swore his terrible vengeance against those who had done this terrible deed. Then he set out grimly to track them ... through warring armies...across a vast desert that no man had ever crossed...and to a strange valley where only madmen lived.

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This is a great book. Written around the time of world war II, it reflects a little bit of the author's attitude toward the war and how it affected areas outside of Europe.

Tarzan stories always have a love story imbedded within, and this one is a pretty good one, but the best part of the book is how Tarzan is a one man wrecking machine amidst the german army.

The best part is how he tames the lion and feeds men to the lions.


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