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A Princess of Mars

Although Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950) is justifiably famous as the creator of Tarzan of the Apes, that uprooted Englishman was not his only popular hero. Burroughs's first sale (in 1912) was A Princess of Mars, opening the floodgates to one of the must successful--and prolific--literary careers in history. This is a wonderful scientific romance that perhaps can be best described as early science fiction melded with an epic dose of romantic adventure. A Princess of Mars is the first adventure of John Carter, a Civil War veteran who unexpectedly find himself transplanted to the planet Mars. Yet this red planet is far more than a dusty, barren place; it's a fantasy world populated with giant green barbarians, beautiful maidens in distress, and weird flora and monstrous fauna the likes of which could only exist in the author's boundless imagination. Sheer escapism of the tallest order, the Martian novels are perfect entertainment for those who find Tarzan's fantastic adventures aren't, well, fantastic enough. Although this novel can stand alone, there are a total of 11 volumes in this classic series of otherworldly, swashbuckling adventure.

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I am monstrously fond of Heinlein, and his Lazarus Long epics - the vast amount of references to the Mars novels written by Burroughs has made me search in vain for them in the city where I live. My fiance found your site, and I was simply overjoyed by the thought that I can now read all the Mars books! This is a wonderful site, and happening across it has been pure serendipity.

A Princess of Mars

As a Kid i had come across one Edgar Rice Burroughs books in a bookstore, The cover was handpainted and well taken care of. It was not the cover that had won me over it was the first capter of the wonderful book that had me. As time passed i aquired all of the Mars series and continue even now to reread them time and again, and again. Find something new evertime I Read. To Mr Edgar Rice Burroughs i wish you would have written more of them

A Princess of Mars

Many years ago when I was just starting to find an interest in book reading my parents introduced me to Edgar Rice Buroughs and his Martian series. I had heard of his Tarzan books and was midly interested in those, but there was something in his Martian series that opened a love of reading that hasn't stopped since.
The stories were like non-stop action, adventure, suspense, fantasy mixed with a good portion of romantic overtones. The journey of a human, John Carter, through such a way of life, strange beings on a totally alien landscape enthralled me to no end. I needed to locate every book to read. It may be considered by some as simple "brain candy" but to me at that time it was a door unto imagination that I could not have conceived up until than.
I subsequently have read his series at least twice over and they still instill some degree of admiration for John Carter and his adventures on Barsoom with his princess Deja Thoris.

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