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Pellucidar continues the tale of David, the lovable protagonist from At The Earth's Core. It tells the story of his return trip to the fabled subterrainian stone-age land known as Pellucidar. Here he must locate old friends, reunite with his lost loved one, and face his all-but-forgotton foes.

Burroughs' writing is simply fabulous, and even makes the characters seem all the more realistic, though many of them are not even human, but sentient creatures who can exist only in the minds of great writers like Burroughs, and in the land known as Pellucidar.

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Edgar Rice Burrough

Always on the search for the latest and greatest science fiction, I stumbled across the original Tarzan series. I realized right away that newer is not always better. Edgar Rice Burrough is a classic example of sci-fi/fantasy at its best.

The best thing about his writing is that it is clear, easy to read and fine for reading to the kids.

I especially enjoyed the At the Earth's Core and Pellucidar. I can't wait to finish all of the Tarzan series.

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Edgar Rice Burroughs

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