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The Outlaw of Torn

Edgar Rice Burroughs is best known for his Tarzan novels and better known for his Mars, Pellucidar and other science-fiction series, but "The Outlaw of Torn" is one of his best yarns. Henry III of England insults Sir Jules de Vac, who takes his vengeance by kidnapping young Prince Richard, a figure, Burroughs points out, who has been lost to the pages of history. As Norman, the Outlaw of Torn, the young man becomes the greatest swordsman in England and a fearless outlaw with a price upon his head who raises an army loyal only to him. Of course, although he is ignorant of his noble birth, he is drawn to the lovely Bertrade de Montfort, daughter of the King's brother-in-law, the Earl of Leicester. This romance fits in nicely with the plans of de Vac, who contrives situations for the king to be responsible for killing his own son. The obvious comparison for "The Outlaw of Torn" is with Robin Hood, but Burroughs' pulp novel has its own tale to tell. This is one of his best novels and as an example of the pulp fiction of the early 20th century it is a first-class work.

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Review of the Outlaw of Torn

The Outlaw of Torn is a fascinating tale of adventure and romance. Cleverly weaving several apparently unrelated plots into one larger epic story, the Outlaw of Torn borrows heavily from the story of one of English history's greatest mysteries -- the disappearance and fate of Richard, the lost Prince of England. From betrayal to loyalty, from love to hate, from compassion to vengence, and from denial to acceptance, this masterwork of historical fiction will lead the reader through the full spectrum of human emotions, while bringing to life the pagentry and savagery of 13th Century England in spectacular fashion.

This book is most highly recommended, and will no doubt be thoroughly enjoyed by all ERB fans.

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