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The Lost Continent



First titled Beyond Thirty


The year is 2137. Over 160 years ago the "Great War" was fought in Europe. The Western Hemisphere stayed out of the conflict, as much as possible, using the slogan: "The East for the East...The West for the West". For all this time the USA did not go past 30 degrees or 175 degrees latitude. Until... The aero-submarine, "Coldwater" in command of Lieutenant Jefferson Turck is blown past the 30 in a raging storm. Damaged, the ship landed in Europe only to find that it was not the enemy that was expected but something entirely different.


This is the story of Jefferson Turck, a lieutenant in the Pan-America navy. Set over 200 years after World War I, America did not enter the war but instead pursued an aggressive isolationist policy, no one can cross the 30 or 175 latitudes. Turck's ship, however, is accidentally blown across the 30 toward Europe. Instead of returning to face court-marshal, he continues to Europe, determined to discover who won the war. The answers he discovers call into question the very nature of human civilizations, as well as lead him to the greatest treasure of all--love.--Submitted by Zibus


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