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Summary Stave 5

Scrooge is very happy to see his bed curtains still hanging. He feels giddy and doesn’t know what to do. Scrooge asks a boy outside his window what day it is. The boy tells him it is Christmas day. Scrooge realizes that the spirits did it all in one night. He asks if the big prize turkey has been sold at the poulterer’s shop. The boy tells him it is still there. Scrooge orders the boy to have the man bring the turkey to his home, and if he does it in less than five minutes, he’ll give him a half crown.

Scrooge plans to send the turkey to Bob Cratchit. He hires a cab for the man to deliver the turkey, since it is a burden to carry. He pays the boy.

Scrooge greets everyone in the street and wishes them a Merry Christmas. He sees one of the portly gentlemen. Scrooge asks him to put down a sizeable donation and asks him to come to see him.

Scrooge passes by his nephew’s house several times before he works up the courage to go in. However, once there, he enjoys himself.

The next morning, he gets to his office early. Bob Cratchit is late. Scrooge mimicks his old tone when the man finally enters. He acts like he is about to fire Bob Cratchit, but then tells him he is going to raise his salary. Bob is a little frightened of Scrooge. He considers hitting him with a ruler and calling out for the police to get a straitjacket. Scrooge tells him he wants to help his family. He orders him to make a fire and buy a coal scuttle.

Scrooge keeps his promise and become a charitable, good man. He becomes a second father to Tiny Tim, who lived. Some people laughed at the change in him, but he did not mind. People remarked that he knew better than anyone on how to keep Christmas.

Charles Dickens