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Summary Chapter 33

Subsequent to the dicovery of Mr. Krook's death, a Coroner's Inquest is held at the tavern Sol's Arm where two busybodies, writers of the court, busy themselves, documenting the circumstances surrounding the event. The fact that the inquest is being held at Sol's Arm is a boon to the tavern, its landlord Mr. J. G. Bogsby, and the tavern's employees and close associates such as Mrs. Piper and Mrs. Perkins. Indeed, to capitalize on the increased revenue the event precipitates, Mr. J. G. Bogsby keeps the tavern open all night.

Come morning, Mr. Snagsby, who is taking a walk, makes an inquiry at Sol's Arm, with regard Mr. KrooK's strange and horrible fate, when his inquiry is interrupted by his wife's presence. Distraght for a moment, Mr. Snagsby regains his composure and tries to be his usual kind self, offering to buy his wife some refreshments only to be chided by Mrs. Snagsby who suspects that her husband is carrying on somenthing secret behind her back. Mr. Snagsby attributes his presence at Sol's Arm to his curiosity as to Mr. Krook's strange fate but to no avail. His wife drags him home to Mr. Snagsby's chagrin.

Meanwhile, Mr. Weevil, a.k.a. Tony Jobling, resists Mr. Guppy's efforts at persuading Jobling to continue residing at Mr. Krook's rag and bottle shop for the purpose of discovering something else among Mr.Krook'a belonging that may shed light on Captain Hawdon, Lady Dedlock, Esther Summerson, and the case Jarndyce and Jarndyce. (The letters Mr. Krook had intended to show Mr. Weevil and Mr. Guppy had combusted along with Mr. Krook.) Indeed, Jobling is adamant in his refusal to carry on the subterfuge any further. He will not stay and live in Mr. Krook's rag and bottle shop under any condition (even if Mr. Guppy were to substantially increase his pay.)

The debate is rendered irrelevant when Grandpa Smallweed arrives at Sol's Arm to announce his legal rights to Krook's rag and bottle shop on account of his wife who, Smallweed reveals, is Krook's next of kin. (Apparently, Krook and Mrs. Smallweed are brother and sister.) To that end, Grandpa Smallweed has himself repaired to Miss Flite's former apartment where he takes stock of his latest acquisition. (Miss Flite has been moved to a room at Sol's Arm.)

Consequently, Mr. Guppy goes to Chesney Wold to inform Lady Dedlock of these latest turn of events. She is told that those letters which may have proven Lady Dedlock's consanguinity to Esther Summerson and which Mr. Guppy was on the verge of obtaining had been extinguished with Mr. Krook's life.

Charles Dickens