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Women in Love



Women In Love, the book Lawrence considered his best, was written during World War I, and while that conflict is never mentioned in the novel, a sense of background danger, of lurking catastrophe, continually informs its drama of two couples dynamically engaged in a struggle with themselves, with each other, and with life's intractable limitations. Lawrence was a powerful, prophetic writer, but in addition he brought such delicacy to his treatment of the human and natural worlds that E. M. Forster's claim that he was the greatest imaginative novelist of our generation does him too little justice rather than too much.

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Sexual relationships in Women in Love...

Right, so I've got this rather large essay on Women in Love and was hoping if I could gain an opinion or two on the sexual relationships between the characters? As it's such an important factor to the plot, I thought it might be an interesting discussion...but I guess we'll see how interested everyone is! I find that the relationship between Gudrun and Gerald is extremely self destructive with each characters obsession with control and power over the other...I find that their relationship is the complete opposite to Birkin and Ursula...but in what ways would you say? Any one interested in giving their opinion? Also Gerald's domineering personality and his thirst for control gives reason to his inability to release his sub-conscious thoughts, which again is in opposite to the character of Birkin...who is comfortable with the power of nature and the power of the sub-conscious... ...would one say that this gives (some sort of) reason to the sexual chemistry between the two characters? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated...!

in reading...

I am in the middle of it at the moment. This novel seems to set its own pace. I absorb it a few pages at a time. I enjoy reading it like poetry, meditatively. The depictions of emotional states are so sensitively rendered. The fine-tuned accuracy thrills me.


It took a few pages to really get into this novel, then I took a whole lot more before I began to see a complete picture of the relationships and the purpose of the work. By no means easy reading! I enjoyed Lawrence's descripions and his characters were very complex. At mid point I dicussed the novel with a few friends and realized to my suprise I understood and enjoyed it more than I thought. Isn't it funny how we can misunderstand ourselves? I think that Lawrence portrayed his characters in this sort of strange "self unaware" (I am sure this is not a proper word but I lack the sense to say it better.) way and that they are continually rediscovering themselves throughout the book. Overall a good book to read, FULL of sensuality but not exactly fun. :thumbs_up

My review.

Reminds me of Austin's Pride and Prejudice in more ways than one; the sisters (Gudren and Ursula) each falling for their Mr MC Dreamies who happen to be good friends with eachother. What a quartet! Lawrence nevertheless treats his readers to expansive metaphors, images and he manages to finish with similar ideas to Austin's, without that false sense of wedded happiness. I found the first part of this novel to be brilliant but nearing the end at the mountains, I was just dying for the book to finish already. The end is definatly well work hanging out for though. ***


I found this book extremely interesting.Descriptions of the feelings of protagonists are very emotive.The vantage points of the four protagonists are surprising in a way. Birkin's understanding the love as something superficial is very suprising.In my opinion it is quite difficult to catch up with his philosophy

Attack on Patriarcal values in Women in love

the novel Women in love is a novel about feminine existince in a patriarcal society, it deals with the growth and development of a new woman daring to claim her validity just like men


Very detailed and nicely put together, not for the young at heart because many adult situations. I liked it personally but not a page turner. A little over dramatic or weird at times, still a book you should read. The relationships were complexly intricated, and the allusions fit. Not bad.

No Subject

sensuality! sensuality! sensuality! that is what the story is about. i love the author's sentences. the book- it is like being burned up. i especially loved the homoeroticism and tension between Birkin and Gerald. the fight!! did anyone see the movie- it is also pretty good.

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