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[1] N. B. He never refus’d setting his hand to any opinion, which he thought it for his interest to acknowledge.

[2] Mean’t of nothing.

[3] Mr. Pool’s words are these: Some refer the words, This day have I begotten thee, to the incarnation of the Son of God, others to the Resurrection: our Translators lay the stress on the preposition of which the verb is compounded, and by adding again, (viz.) rais’d up Jesus again, Acts xiii. 33. intend it to be understood of the Resurrection; and there is ground for it, in the context, for the Resurrection of Christ, is that which St. Paul had propounded in v. 30. of the same Chapter, as his theme or argument to preach upon.

Not that Christ at his Resurrection began to be the Son of God, but that he was manifested then to be so.

[4] Satan.

[5] The meaning of the word Devil is Destroyer. See Pool upon Acts xiii. 10.

[6] As great as the Devil and Doctor Faustus. Vulg. Dr. Foster.

Daniel Defoe

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