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The Two Admirals



Complete in One Volume, Revised and Corrected, With a New Introduction, Notes, &c. By the Author.

Come, all ye kindred chieftains of the deep, In mighty phalanx round your brother bend; Hush every murmur that invades his sleep, And guard the laurel that o'ershades your friend.--Lines on Trippe.


This is a tale of two friends who had the love and respect that comes with long acquaintance and familiarity with each other. It involves a young Virginian with ties to old England who chooses to serve in the British Navy whereupon recovering from his wounds received from a naval action, he discovers his roots. The story is skilfully woven with more than one surprise for the reader. It contains descriptions of sailing ships that depend on the wind and skill of the captain and his crew and of sea battles that could have taken place and probably did. It is also a love story. It is excellent.--Submitted by Ray F.

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