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Through the Looking Glass


And What Alice Found There


This is Carroll's sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865)

Nursery rhyme characters like Tweedledee and Tweedledum and Humpty Dumpty join Alice in a world where everything is reversed.

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Recent Forum Posts on Through the Looking Glass

Quotes for inverse nature of the looking glass world

I've been searching for a good quote that highlights the inverse nature of the looking glass world. The hill/valley discussion at the beginning is amusing, as well as the fact that Alice must walk the opposite direction of where she wants to go. Are there any other good, rather short quotes that highlight this inverse nature?

Book help- Through the Looking Glass pleeassee

Hi, I am curious to how Alice, the main character from Through the Looking Glass- Lewis Carroll, was at the beggining of the novel and how she changed throughout the story. Please and thanks.

Dream and point of reference

Hello all, I was wondering about dreaming and narrative reference. In the last chapter of Through the Looking Glass, Alice wonders if it is she who dreamed the red king, or if she had been a player in his dream. The narration at this point is in the third centered upon Alice, then this curious poem is attached to theend which seems a break in narrative continuity, at least in this final chapter. I believe it's fairly easy to sya that the poem is written from the perspective of the red king, and that he is dreaming of Alice. Furthermore, this calls into question, at least in my mind, the fact of reality about Alice to begin with (I've noted posts joking that she needs therapy, but is that still true if she's nothing but a dream figment?). I know the poem is an acrostic for the name of the real alice, but I still wonder about the point of dreams and how Carrol seems to point out that it's not so much that she had the dream, or that someone else had it and she happened to be there, but that it was had at all, and experienced. Thoughts?

Quotation help!!

My boss has asked me to find a quotation from Through the looking Glass, by the Red Queen, which would be something like "as many as I say there are"... Could anyone help?!

Red Queen

I'm seeking what I thought was a Red Queen quote from Through the Looking Glass: "the law is what I say it is". Unfortunately, I can't find it. What error am I making? Thank you all, Martin Harris

looking through....

In which chapter of Carroll's 'Through the Looking Glass' can I find most links to optical illusions???Would be of much help...Thanks

No Subject

Which Alice book contains the following:

"The time has come the Walrus said to speak of many things.....

i need something

I need to find the story about alice when the jabberwocky steals her book and she has to find it and get it back before the jabberwocky and its babys get to the real world and take over will u please help me find it and the send it to me please.........................Thank u

No Subject

I am wondering what is meant by the asymmetry of his body?


this book is hilarious, its about this girl whos having hallucinations. lol how can she starnagle her cat to death and accuse her of being a queen lol. rofl lmao. lol this girl has wierd dreams not to mention exceptionally long. i bet shes taking somethin bad for her health

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