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The Lost Prince



One of the few "magical" children's books I have ever read that gives an honest view of the child's heart, to be read by children of all ages.--Submitted by Miss Mariam ~

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No Subject

I have read this book about 4 times so far and I love it!!!
It is a book that makes you think and spurs you on to a
higher standard of living and morality. I have come to know
the characters like friends and find the fight for Samavia
thrilling and worthwhile.

No Subject

I recently read this book for the first time and was amazed at the beauty of the language. I read it to my family, and each of my 4 children (and my husband) could not wait for the next chapter. The book is fanciful enough to spur the imagination, but convincing enough to make my children want to find Samavia on the map.

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I loved this book when I was ten years old. I read it again yesterday when I was ill and in bed, and I think it was still a good book, though the authors freguent use of superlatives was a little bit irritating, and off course there was great amount of sexism and classism too, but we have to remember that it is an old book, and in its own time it could have been really modern.

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