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Lord Palmerston




IN looking for material on which to base this short memoir of Lord
Palmerston I have of course taken, as my guide to his general life, the
biography of Mr. Evelyn Ashley.[A] I have also referred to the
unfinished volumes by Lord Dalling, which Mr. Ashley adopted as far as
they went, and by his later edition has rendered unnecessary to the
general reader. Beyond this I have had recourse to the Edinburgh, the
Quarterly, the Times newspaper, and various periodicals of the
period; and I have read many of his speeches and others. In dealing with
the Crimean War I have had recourse to Mr. Kinglake’s work; and in
various portions of my little book I have referred to other authors,
whom it may perhaps be unnecessary that I should name here. Having lived
through a great portion of Lord Palmerston’s career, I have trusted in
some things to my recollection, when I have been able to confirm my
memory. But I must add to this short list “The Life of the Prince
Consort,” by Sir Theodore Martin, in which the name of Lord Palmerston
has been brought under much discussion.

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