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The Duke's Children


Published in 1879, this is the last novel in Trollope's Palliser series of six novels: Can You Forgive Her? (1864), Phineas Finn (1869), The Eustace Diamonds (1873), Phineas Redux (1874), The Prime Minister (1876), and The Duke's Children (1879).

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How to spoil your children.

I'm one-third into The Duke's Children, the sixth and final novel of the Palliser series. You cannot second-guess Trollope. Lady Mary's lover would appear to be Ferdinand Lopez redivivus (of the 5th novel of the Palliser series), but this seems to be Trollope's way of getting us to believe in his story, to take us far enough off the track so that this new character actually gains strength in our minds by our comparing him with Ferdinand. The daily life in Parliament is a problem for me, because it only appears to slow down the most interesting part of the novel: the lives of the children of the Duke. Anyone out there have more comments about this novel?

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