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Here beginneth a Treatise how the High Father of Heaven sendeth Death to summon every Creature to come and give Account of Their Lives in this World and is in manner of A Moral Play.

In England, drama grew on the altar of the church and the subjects of the plays were invariably drawn from the scriptures. The motive behind this was to teach people that God alone was the highest authority to rule over mankind and the church was the representative of God. People were to obey the scripture or commit seven deadly sins that would cause them to suffer after death. The Miracle and Mystery plays played a great role in the Middle Ages; people had an appetite for allegory. As a result the Morality play became the need of the hour with dramatization of abstractions generally of Vice against Virtue. The characters are personified virtues, vices, mental attributes and the like or of universalized types, set in a frame-work of allegory. The play 'Everyman' is based on the theme of the fall of mental attribute of man and deviated from the true path of God. Man has affected vices to fulfill his worldly desire. Kith and Kin, wealth and name and fame don't go with us after death. It is only the Good Deeds which help men to enter Heaven. Here in the play God comes himself to remind man to perform good deeds and 'God will be your father and enjoy eternal pleasure' as Keats said.--Submitted by Anonymous.

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Has anybody else read this Play or similar plays?

Very few of these plays are still performed and i myself have only come across three of these Medieval Morality Plays; Everyman, Nice Wanton, and Mankind, which i played the roll of Titivillus in college. They are fun and Amusing plays to both read and perform, but my question is this, has anyone else read any of these plays or similar plays? If yes, what was it called and what did you think of them? If no, read them. you'll be suprised.:D

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