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A Review in Rhyme

A little of Horace, a little of Prior,
A sketch of a Milkmaid, a lay of the Squire--
These, these are 'on draught' 'At the Sign of the Lyre!'

A child in Blue Ribbons that sings to herself,
A talk of the Books on the Sheraton shelf,
A sword of the Stuarts, a wig of the Guelph,

A lai, a pantoum, a ballade, a rondeau,
A pastel by Greuze, and a sketch by Moreau,
And the chimes of the rhymes that sing sweet as they go,

A fan, and a folio, a ringlet, a glove,
'Neath a dance by Laguerre on the ceiling above,
And a dream of the days when the bard was in love,

A scent of dead roses, a glance at a pun,
A toss of old powder, a glint of the sun,
They meet in the volume that Dobson has done!

If there's more that the heart of a man can desire,
He may search, in his Swinburne, for fury and fire;
If he's wise--he'll alight 'At the Sign of the Lyre!'

Andrew Lang