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Arabian Nights




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Arabian Nights

Thank you so much for putting these up! I haven't read these since I was a child but can say that the stories influenced me greatly. Thank you! :o)


What ever happened to the end of the introduction? I'd love to finish reading that story.
furthermore this book is magnificent.

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i think an awful lot dies thru translations. and i wonder why arabs don't change, eg, "paul" to "pol" as they write but all the other people change their names to unrecognizeable forms. if you know the original names you can't get used to it anyway.

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To Mike--
Maybe you'd like to write an capital "I" that to use an i. The response you had was a very well-written one.


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These stories are vivid and compelling! Enjoyable no matter how old you are!!

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In all actuality, there was no one author, but a group of collected stories. Just thought i'd clear that up. Our Response: Yes, originally there is no one author. However this version is of only selected tales that were selected and edited by Lang.

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Excellent! brings back childhood!

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