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{2} To the present writer, as to others, The Lover's Tale appeared
to be imitative of Shelley, but if Tennyson had never read Shelley,
cadit quaestio.

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{4} The writer knew this edition before he knew Tennyson's poems.

{5} The author of the spiteful letters was an unpublished anonymous

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which will direct him to other authorities and sources.

{13} I have summarised, with omissions, Miss Jessie L. Watson's
sketch in King Arthur and his Knights. Nutt, 1899. The learning of
the subject is enormous; Dr Sommer's Le Mort d'Arthur, the second
volume may be consulted. Nutt, 1899.

{14} [Greek text which cannot be reproduced]. He is referred to in
inscriptions, e.g. Berlin, Corpus, iii. 4774, V. 732, 733, 1829,
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Andrew Lang

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