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Appendix II


Jan Vedder’s Wife,1885
A Daughter of Fife,1886
The Bow of Orange Ribbon,1886
The Squire of Sandal Side,1886
The Household of McNeil,1886
The Border Shepherdess,1887
Paul and Christina,1887
Master of His Fate,1888
Remember the Alamo,1888
Between Two Loves,1889
Feet of Clay,1889
The Last of McAllisters,1889
Friend Olivia,1889
She Loved a Sailor,1890
Sister to Esau,1891
The Beads of Tasmer,1891
Love for an Hour,1891
Rose of a Hundred Leaves,1891
The Singer from the Sea,1893
A Knight of the Nets,1896
The King’s Highway,1897
Lone House,1897
Maids, Wives and Bachelors,1898
I, Thou and the Other One,1899
The Maid of Maiden Lane,1900
Souls of Passage,1901
The Lion’s Whelp,1901
Master of His Fate,1901
The Song of a Single Note,1902
The Black Shilling,1903
The Belle of Bowling Green,1904
Trinity Bells,1905
Cecilia’s Lovers,1905
The Heart of Jessy Laurie,1907
The Strawberry Handkerchief,1908
Hands of Compulsion,1909
The House on Cherry Street,1909
The Reconstructed Marriage,1910
Sheila Vedder,1911
A Maid of Old New York,1911

Amelia E. Barr