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Eugene Onegin



Eugene Oneguine [Onegin]

A Romance of Russian Life in Verse

Translated from the Russian by Lieut.-Col. Henry Spalding

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Russian readers...?

Are there any Russian readers in this forum? I would like to there anybody here who could give me the original version of Evgenij Onegin - chapter 1 - stanza L ? thanks! (I hope I've written in the right section! :))

Tatyana's Mother's quote in Eugene Onegin

Hi, I'm new to this forum; I'm not sure I'm in the right forum for this question, but here goes: What did Tatyana's mother say (sing) in the introductory duet between the Mother and her Maid at the very beginning of the opera "Eugene Onegin"? The two were discussing being wed to men they didn't know through fixed marriages and they really hadn't known love but some other feeling developed over time. I think the word was "contentment" but I'm not sure. I thought this introduction set the tone for the reason for the opera. I'm not sure this duet or discussion is actually in Pushkin's poem of the same title. Please help.

eugene onegin

i saw the film, starring liv tyler and ralph fiennes and am presently skimming through nabokov's translation. the film i thought was first rate. any thoughts on what i should expect from nabokov's translation? a cursory glance of volume 2 (nabokov's notes and commentary) seems to suggest that the reader ought to make every effort to learn russian which makes me think that perhaps i should've obtained a less learned version.

A question about Onegins behaviour

Why do you think that Onegin refussed Tatianas love in the beginning? becuase she was a girl from a village who was inferior to him or because he was feeling that he was the one who was inferior to her? I mean that he was inferior sentimentically, that he didnt have her power. Evi

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