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Standalone Books


This area of our site is for books with unimportant or uncertain authorship. Sometimes an author may have written one book, and while the book could be important, the author was not prolific and it does not make sense to create a whole author area for them. In these cases we place the book here. 

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Standalone J. Books was, in this reader's opinion, the greatest author of the 20th century. He lived everyday feeling like an eighth grade formal dance, with him off in the shadows of the dance floors, erect, solitary, watching the other boys boxstep with their dates. After high school, he tried the comedy club circuit but nobody came to the shows. Finally, when he sat down and began to write his first novel, he became surrounded by friends and family. He vowed never to position himself as mostly upright again. He was first cousins with Standand Deliver, who gained some notoriety in high school health classes....

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