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This follows from part 1

They're sealed up the roof. Re set/replaced tiles. There was a broken one in the picture. and replaced the front guttering. And our roof tile disappeared. (there's been a spare roof tile in the front garden since I was young. Originally it was used to prop up an extension to the down pipe but it doesn't really work for that so we just left it next to the pipe) It went missing. I'm a little sad about it because it's always been there but I had thought of letting them know we had a spare if one needed replacing (I didn't because I didn't need to) and I kind of liked the idea of it finally joining it's siblings on the roof. So it's missing but looking at the pictures of the finished roof I spy one tile that's a little red while the other's are a dull brown from time and I don't see anything that looks like a patch on that broken one. I haven't asked to have it confirmed but I think it's reasonable to assume that they used the spare to replace that broken one. So I'm a little happy/sad about it.

They finished yesterday but forgot about the guttering issue at the side (which I don't blame them for. The original plan changed and the main focus was sealing up the roof and we did stress originally that we were most concerned about the main leak inside)
They came an fixed it today. It was going to be tomorrow but they did it today. We do worry if it's because mum wasn't comfortable paying today and she'd be at work tomorrow so would leave the payment with me and I'd do the invoice and such.
But it's all dealt with now and now we just need to see how well it all holds up under heavy rain. I don't expect problems.
End sum about 8000. It's very nice not to be anxious about the rain though, assuming all is well. The scaffolding should come down next week which is good but also kind of a shame because spiders have made some impressive webs on it.

There are little things to note perhaps but that's the bulk of the story.

Oh also I'm concerned about scammers partly because I've heard horror storied on Watchdog and we had those random guys break a tile then scarpered when we told them my dad was a builder and he came and fixed it that day. I wrote the full story up here at the time with a title something like Rogue Traders if you're interested.

Also they warned us about scammers and introduced us to the workers so we knew who they were (I took pictures of most of them, with consent, to recognize them/report them if they were frauds) and also they left some sharp sand and cement and a ladder out front over the weekend (foolishly I thought but I'm paranoid and if they weren't worried then I wouldn't worry. The ladder was up on the scaffolding to not easy to just take but I worried and checked it regularly and completely forgot about the sand/cement) Well the sand/cement got taken over the weekend. I remember it being there for 2 nights but after that I'm not sure so I think it went missing some time on Sunday. They didn't have any more so had to go and buy some to continue.
They were all very nice, got on with the job and I have only one little complaint. They didn't meticulously clear up after themselves. There were some bits of plastic wrapping in the garden, a few bits of metal offcuts and the connector for the drainpipe, they left one of those on the roof. But it should come down eventually. Oh and there was a yellow Fanta can in the climbing rose but I can't confirm it was theirs. It wasn't a big deal. I put it in the recycling. There is a bit of mess still, they bagged up the rubbish in the corner but I guess that will be dealt with and if they don't it's not a big deal, we can dispose of it.

By the way. It's a good thing I usually keep a copy of my blog until it's actually posted. I usually preview a long one to make sure the word limit doesn't catch me out. Too long. Fair enough. But the text was erased. Paste. It's fine. But imagine if I didn't always copy paste. I've had that before and I don't doubt that it'll happen again eventually