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Memories of the 28th Century

Turn Back Time

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Up until a few decades ago, women controlled everything, and they did so by indirection. They did not hold top positions in government or business, at least not for the most part, and they didn’t control through government or business. They controlled through nature.

From a young age, women, girls even, learned and still learn that they must control themselves, and that might be why they develop a lack of self-confidence by age eight. Maybe they realize how difficult it will be to control themselves, and how through self-control they will control everything else in human society.

The most important function of any species of plant or animal is to continue that species, and the most important and difficult part of that function is assigned to the females, who provide nutrition and housing for the earliest part of an animal's life and very existence, while males simply mix the DNA around in the hope of improving the species. The females have to determine which of the males might, in combination with them, produce the best offspring that would most improve the species.

The additions that men and women provide to their families and societies are of similar in nature but they are vastly different in scale.

While only a small percent of humanity live in hunter-gatherer societies now; all humans act in ways that were learned in hunting and gathering. Women still collect food and prepared it for everyone, and they operated in small quantities at a time, just as they do when shopping and did when they were gathering food. Men still go after big things; whether they are looking for a big, new client or are hunting a mammoth, they want the big kill.

In old times, the men might not get a big kill every day, but the women collected edible plants every day, so there was something to eat every day.

Just as women keep their infants alive by feeding them from their breasts, they kept their families and clans alive when we were hunters and gatherers. And, as with other great apes, the males and females did not spend all their time together. Many of the males were solitary and lived without sexual satisfaction, and the females engaged in sexual activity only when they wanted to, and they were aware of the results of their sexual behavior. The females ran the society for their benefit and for the benefits of the group as a whole. During the last few million years, human group behavior has changed, so that the sexes became more similar as far as hunting and gathering and in regard to pair bonding. There are reasons to believe that early Hominins were barely different from other great apes, while at present, the social differences between humans and great apes is rather large. Generally, humans engage in pair bonding, while great apes tend to have the sexes not bond, except for reproduction.

It is possible that the numbers of potential mates available determined how males and females interacted. If there were few of the complementary sex, then pair bonding became more common. The attitude of “there are plenty of fish” makes sense from that point of view. In either case, it is easy for females to control the society, especially if they control the family group by bringing the young into the world, feeding them and educating them for their early years. and education of the young

The central matter here is how to get women to control human society, and I think that the starting point for women to understand that their place in the species and in society is of the utmost importance. Men may claim vaunted titles and claim great powers, but they only make those claims, because they do not have great power, but they would like others to think that they do. Powerless blowhards, like Trump, make lots of noise, but the noise doesn't make them powerful. Stating one's intentions in a clear, direct way is a much more effective way. Many people never get over the way that their mothers gave commands, so that might be a good way to start, no yelling, no foul language, just saying: You will... is more likely to be successful.

I started writing this in a response to the recent Supreme Court decision regarding abortion. I don't think that anyone actually likes abortion, but it is a way for women who let things go too far to correct the situation. If they had learned early on how to control themselves and others, then the problem would not exist, but things have deteriorated, so we have to adjust for that. I think the first step is to let girls know from an early age that they are very important and to teach that to boys, also. The results of that bit of education would be that when a woman said ‘No’, that would be understood and obeyed. That would eliminate the need for most abortions. But it would be necessary for young women to learn what they want and need in a man, and that would result in many people being unhappy.

It might also be a good idea for people to learn that if they need sexual release and there is no one of the complementary sex available that they might want to stimulate themselves. If a woman does not want to become pregnant, there are several ways to avoid that, starting with saying No and being believed, but there are ways to end a pregnancy, if things get to that point. One way to slow things down should be to inform an unwanted man that there are severe penalties for forcing a woman, and those penalties must be invoked in every case, and it might be a good idea to make the penalties more severe. On the other side, women must remember that removing their clothes and getting into bed with a man means that they want to have sexual intercourse with him, and that they accept any and all consequences of that.

I suppose that much of what I have written here seems rather old-fashion, but that might be better than, and there also is the question of what a woman wants in a man. That varies.

In the course of writing this, a number of other issues arose, but I didn’t touch most of them. One was the evolutionary reason why women might be attracted to violent men, when they should have died out. And there are other questions.

The world will be a better place after women take control, again. Let us try to make that happen soon.

I realize that I may have tip-toed into quicksand, so don’t be afraid to comment.

This may be true for a limited number of things, but it would have been more accurate if the author had written that women are better at personal interactions

This article is funny, but it doesn't add anything to the science.

In prehistory, men and women were equal in importance.