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  1. You are on fire on the virtuosity thread. Massively entertaining which is more than can be said for .most of the postings.
  2. You are on fire on the virtuoso piece. Laughing while I am reading. Keep it up. It's way better than the poetry being posted.
  3. You're a true gent. Hope you enjoy it.
  4. Just bought your book on my kindle
  5. Hehe - there's also the other side of the coin. How many 'drive-by' writers never came back after their first post because they didn't appreciate a reality check.

    But thanks for the vote of confidence. Good to see you're still around.

  6. You ever wondered knobbly knees, how many people are still here because of your input? litnet should pay you frankly. You commented on my first post and made me feel like writing another.
    You make a big difference here.
  7. Enough is enough. Come on back to what yoy know, you know for sure you are missed, what is the worse that can happen? You make people happy who like you being around? anyone for poetry ( as you once wrote) cheers knobbly knees.
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