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  1. LOL Actually over on tech blogs. I'm a geek now, I don't know how to talk litnet talk anymore
  2. I hope you don't lay on the tracks forever Haunted!
  3. I'm ok but missed you and your poetry!
  4. Haunted! I was just thinking of you not five minutes ago! How are you?
  5. hi Barbie Delta Be nice to Ken now
  6. Knock, Knock. Anybody home?
  7. I'll see what I can find. Right now my head is spinning from the resume I'm "spinning", haha
  8. brrr. Its cooler here today but we're in the 30-40 c weather at the moment. send me some picks of your city.
  9. I always wonder how cold it really gets down there. It looks very deserty, I guess it's the outbacks. I'm under a foot of snow as we speak.
  10. Victoria and NSW get more snow per year than Sweden. If very seldom snows in the South of WA though.
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