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The Death of Ivan Ilych



Translated by Louise and Aylmer Maude.

The Death of Ivan Ilych is the classic romantic monster story re-told in a truly human and realistic way. The monster in this short novel should scare the reader more than any other. An unthoughtful man forced to deal with his death should get the reader to think of the topic themselves--if you do this you will be drawn in and love the self analysis it provides.--Submitted by Anonymous

A story of a misunderstood man, dutiful to his career and family, who lives pleasantly until a fatal disease strikes him ill. He is then confided in his bed feeling more pain the more deep he goes in thinking of his life, his artificial life of shallowness while the more he get's closer to "death" or God the more pain escapes him and his eyes are awakened by the discovery of the true life, the spiritual life.--Submitted by Brendan

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A slow start to an eerie reminder of mortality

I think it's safe to say that most avid readers of classical works are fans of Russian Realism. This particular work by Tolstoy really surprised me in many different aspects. When I started to read it I was drawn into just the meticulous dedication that Tolstoy puts into painting a picture of story with his vivid details. The story made an unsuspected change when Ivan begins to near his death. Although the story is short in the last 20 pages or so we are tossed into the thought process of this man dying. Now in most cases realism isn't quite the best literary era to depict any sort of psychological break down but in this story Tolstoy captures this in a brilliant way. I mean when Ivan is breaking down and frantic while it appears that no one seems to care about his looming death, I couldn't help but feel a sense of hopelessness for anyone who is dying. It made me contemplate whether or any of us can truly accept our mortality and when we die do we ultimately always die alone? So I guess I just wanted to throw those questions out there for all you lit forum members.

Ivan Finds.....Whom?

Hi there, I've read the story "The Death Of Ivan Illych"by Leo Tolestoy. I really liked the story and how it tells us how to live a happy life. Anyway, from you're point of view, do you think Ivan found GOD? Peace, Spacetoon

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