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Lords of the Housetops


Thirteen Cat Tales


By Various Authors

Edited by Carl Van Vechten


Mary E. Wilkins Freeman: The Cat,
Guy Wetmore Carryl: Zut,
Algernon Blackwood: A Psychical Invasion,
Honoré de Balzac: The Afflictions of an English Cat,
(translated from the French by Carl Van Vechten),
Booth Tarkington: Gipsy,
G. H. Powell: The Blue Dryad,
Mark Twain: Dick Baker's Cat,
Edgar Allan Poe: The Black Cat,
Thomas A. Janvier: Madame Jolicœur's Cat,
W. H. Hudson: A Friendly Rat,
William Livingston Alden: Monty's Friend,
Peggy Bacon: The Queen's Cat,
Charles Dudley Warner: Calvin.

With A Preface By Carl Van Vechten

C'est l'esprit familier du lieu;
Il juge, il préside, il inspire
Toutes choses dans son empire;
Peut-être est-il fée, est-il dieu.

--Charles Baudelaire.

These stories I have collected to amuse Avery Hopwood

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