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Life of Isaac Mason as a Slave


By Isaac Mason


Published in 1893, this autobiography tells the story of Isaac Mason's life from his earliest memories as a slave in Maryland through his escape to Delaware as well as his life of fear he lead in the north under threat of the Fugitive Slave Act. His story mirrors that of Frederick Douglass in that they both dealt with extreme abuse from their masters and found strength through their relationships with God. A terrifying and ultimately uplifting story about how one man lead his family to freedom.


Worcester, Mass., July 19, 1893.

I have known Isaac Mason very well since 1850. He has done a great deal of work for me and my household. I know him to be an honest, faithful and intelligent man. I have not had time to examine his book in manuscript, but I am sure his statements may be trusted, and that his experience will prove very interesting. I hope his book will have a good sale, and commend it to the public.--Geo. F. Hoar.

Author's Preface:

Having repeatedly been asked by my many friends to write the history of my life as a slave, especially by some who have heard me lecture on certain portions of that ever memorable period of my life, I have, after some hesitation as to its advisability, reluctantly concluded to accede to their wishes, and now present to them a truthful sketch of my eventful life in the dark days of slavery. As these checkered scenes of my early life reflectively present themselves to my mind at my advanced state of life, I wonder how I withstood all the abuse and cruelty of these early years. Our lives are largely composed of sorrow and joy, but my cup, it seems to me, has been full to overflowing with sorrow, but God has been my strength and my salvation, and has brought me thus far in the journey of life, and in him I trust, praying that, in his good time he will take me to that heavenly home where our earthly trials will cease and where there will be no more sorrow.

My story is told in a plain matter-of-fact way, and I hope my readers will overlook and excuse the defects which must necessarily abound throughout the book, owing to lack of educational advantages.


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