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The Splendid Folly



Dedicated To My Husband W. G. Q. PEDLER

Do you believe that husbands and wives should have no secrets from each other?

The Haven of Memory--Do you remember, Our great love's pure unfolding, The troth you gave, And prayed for God's upholding, Long and long ago? Out of the past, A dream—and then the waking— Comes back to me, Of love and love's forsaking, Ere the summer waned. Ah! Let me dream, That still a little kindness, Dwelt in the smile That chid my foolish blindness, When you said good-bye. Let me remember, When I am very lonely, How once your love, But crowned and blessed me only, Long and long ago!--Margaret Pedler

NOTE: Musical setting by Isador Epstein.

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