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Thread: Play: Loves Foul Mistress

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    Play: Loves Foul Mistress

    (This is my first play but I would like feedback if possible)

    Plot: Priscilla Weber is being forced to marry Geoffrey Brun, however she loves the local tailor Edmund, but things are not what they seem.
    Priscilla Weber - daughter of Samuel Weber, a weaver.
    Geoffrey Brun - Lord of St. Blasien.
    Samuel Weber.
    Lady Brun - mother of Geoffrey.
    Susanna - maid of Brun Manor
    Edmund Schneider - love interest of Priscilla, a tailor.
    Kippers the Clown.
    Setting: Georgian, St. Blasien, Germany.

    Act 1, scene 1
    Setting: Brun Manor courtyard
    (Enter Lady Brun and Samuel Weber)
    Lady Brun: Good day Mr Weber.
    I trust you and your daughter slept well?
    My Geoffrey and I are thrilled by your company.
    Samuel: We are honoured to be in the company of such a beautiful hostess and her son of course! (Kisses her hand)
    Lady Brun: well, it is an honour, however love can be a foul mistress and you must assure me that Geoffrey and Priscilla will marry.
    Samuel: I can assure you, it will be done malady. (They kiss passionately)
    (Enter Kippers the Clown)
    Kippers: oh! Malady! Has Lord Brun risen from his grave? He sure has changed! (Abrupt end to kiss)
    Lady Brun: (to Kippers) Oh, Kippers, you do speak such nonsense, Mr Weber was merely checking my temperature. (to Samuel) Isn't that true Mr Weber?
    Samuel: (mumbles) oh, Erm yes, yes temperature.
    Kippers: of course, a lady would not do such a thing to her dead husbands name, as I suspect neither would a peasant who also no longer has a wife.
    But if so I would not hide such a thing, I hope you understand. (Laughs and exits)

    (Running scene)

    Act 1, scene 2
    (Enter Geoffrey)
    Geoffrey: (to Samuel) well hello Sir!
    I am honoured to meet you.
    Lady Brun: I must be going, I'll see you both later I trust. (Exit)
    Geoffrey: Please excuse my mother, she's loosing her son, it's difficult for her.
    Samuel: Of course.
    Geoffrey: let me just ask, your daughter is the most beautiful woman I or any man will ever meet. She is a goddess born in rags, what a tragedy that is!
    But if you allow me to marry her, she will be a goddess dressed in gold, the most beautiful being in all of St. Blasien, In fact in all of Germany!
    (Down on knees)
    Please let me marry her I beg of you, she will find no better I swear it.
    Samuel: Rise, rise my Lord! (Geoffrey rises)
    Of course I give my permission, you are to be married by the end of the week.
    You have my word, I shall leave to prepare, there shall be a ball tonight to celebrate.
    Geoffrey: Thank you kind Sir, I shall make your daughter happy.
    (Exit of Geoffrey and Samuel)

    (Running scene)

    Act 1, scene 3
    (Enter kippers)
    Kippers: (aside)
    what fool falls in love?
    What fool trusts another?
    What fool gives their heart on a platter?
    Fools the lot of them!
    Yet I am called the fool, no one can be trusted!

    Act 2, scene 1
    Setting: Brun Manor bed chamber
    (Enter Priscilla and maid Susanna)
    Priscilla: why are you here?
    Why must I be at a strangers house?
    Susanna: (courtesy) Your marriage is being arranged malady.
    I am Susanna, your new maid, I am at your service.
    Priscilla: what marriage?
    Why does a maid know more than the bride herself?
    It cannot be, I love another and I shall marry him. (Sits)
    Susanna: And who's that malady?
    Priscilla: The local tailor, Edmund Schneider.
    He is the one I love.
    Susanna: (holds locket around her neck)
    Oh I see.
    Priscilla: Problem?
    Susanna: Of course not, no.
    However, please tell me if I'm out of line, but what can a tailor offer you?
    I'm sure not half of what Lord Brun could.
    Priscilla: Geoffrey cannot ever have my love.
    Edmund is perfect, a god dressed in rags.
    He's a humble man and he loves me and only me.
    Susanna: But what if he were to love another?
    Priscilla: (stands)
    There's no way, he loves me and no other!
    Susanna: yes malady, I must leave now. (Exit)

    (Running scene)

    Act 2, scene 2
    (Enter Samuel carrying papers)
    Priscilla: Father?
    Samuel: Priscilla!
    There you are, I must inform you of the upcoming events regarding your future.
    Priscilla: unfortunately Father I have already been informed.
    Tell me, when was it customary to inform the Brun family staff of a wedding before the bride?
    Samuel: sweetheart you are mistaken!
    I informed no staff before you, they must have overheard.
    Priscilla: well it's not matter Father as I will not be getting married to Lord Brun, so I understand not why we're here.
    We should return home to the weavers.
    Samuel: (puts his hands on Priscilla's shoulders)
    Priscilla we have no choice.
    The Brun family are honourable, wealthy and you should expect no better!
    Your beauty is beyond compare, I know!
    But Geoffrey is what's best for you, believe me sweetest daughter.
    Priscilla: Do not flatter me!
    I will not marry him and that is the end of it.
    Samuel: You will marry him and if not you will no longer be a Weber and no longer my daughter , it is your choice Priscilla! (Exit)
    Priscilla: (shouts)

    (Running scene)

    Act 2, scene 2
    (Knocking sound on door, enter Geofffrey)
    Geoffrey: Priscilla, I heard you shout are you ok? (Hand on Priscilla's shoulder)
    Priscilla: (moves away)
    I am fine, please do not worry.
    Geoffrey: oh thank goodness my Dear, your wellbeing is my only worry.
    I trust you've heard about our arrangement and the ball tonight?
    Priscilla: yes but funnily enough my father mentioned no ball. (Begins to write letter)
    Geoffrey: you must know I love you dearly, your beauty cannot even be compared to a fine jewl or Berlin Malady.
    Priscilla: And how is it that you love my Lord?
    This is only our second meeting.
    Are your feelings true?
    Geoffrey: why of course my love, I was captivated from the moment we met.
    Priscilla: (finishes letter)
    Lust and love are very different things my lord.
    Geoffrey: Of course...
    Perscilla: I must be leaving, deepest apologies. (Takes envelop)
    Geoffrey: of course my love. (kisses Priscilla's cheek)
    (Exit of Priscilla)

    Act 2, scene 4
    Setting: corridor outside Priscilla's bed chamber
    (Enter Priscilla with envelop and Susanna)
    Priscilla: Ah, there you are maid, I require your assistance. (Hands envelop to Susanna)
    Susanna: yes malady?
    Priscilla: I need you to take that envelop to Edmund Schneider, he should be at the tailors now.
    Susanna: Yes miss, I shall go now.
    Priscilla: No eyes should peak at that letter other than Edmund, hurry.
    (Exit Priscilla)
    Susanna: (opens letter and reads)
    'To my love Edmund, my father has tricked me here and now I must marry Lord Brun.
    I cannot stay here as I love you, I must be with you, it has been so long.
    Tonight a ball will be held in celebration of my upcoming inprisonment, or otherwise known as my marriage.
    Please meet me tonight in the ballroom behind the pillar and we shall leave together.
    All my love, Priscilla.' (Rips letter)
    What a fool she is.
    She has been offered the world yet wants what she cannot have.
    He is mine. (Holds locket)

    Act 3, scene 1
    Setting: St. Blasien's tailors
    (Enter Edmund sitting with other workers and Susanna)
    Susanna: Excuse me, Edmund, may we talk?
    Edmund: (Rises)
    (To workers) can you leave us?
    (Exit of workers)
    Of course.
    Susanna: I've missed you. (They hug and kiss)
    Edmund: As have I.
    It appears we have both been busy.
    I'm glad you came. (Holds her locket)
    So you like the locket I sent for you?
    Susanna: it's truly beautiful, I love it dearly.
    However I have come here for a reason my love.
    Would you be my date this evening to an engagement ball?
    Edmund: Gladly, when and where?
    Susanna: 7pm, at the Brun Manor behind the pillar in the ballroom.
    Edmund: I shall be there.
    Susanna: Tonight then my love. (Exit Susanna)

    Act 4, scene 1
    Setting: Brun Manor courtyard
    (Enter Samuel with papers and Lady Brun with maid)
    Lady Brun: Good Samuel, sit with me. (Sits at table)
    (To maid) we need wine and quickly.
    Samuel: (sits and maid pours wine)
    Thank you, it's not easy organising a wedding I'll have you know.
    Lady Brun: I should think not, this will be the event of the year I assume.
    Samuel: (both lift cups) Cheers.
    Lady Brun: Cheers.
    (To maid) You may leave. (Exit maid)
    When will the wedding take place?
    Soon I hope?
    Samuel: Saturday Malady.
    (Enter Kippers)
    Kippers: Well, well, wine this early malady?
    Lady Brun: Mr Weber is no peasant and wine is customary for a celebration, is it not fool?
    Kippers: He is little more than a Peasant and what are you celebrating?
    Your rondevu not being discovered?
    Oh wait! (Laughing)
    Lady Brun: Your eyes deceive you fool.
    Samuel: I must be preparing for malady, I must bid you good bye. (Exit)
    Kippers: Who knew the Peasant talks, well I must be leaving too, even I the fool is busy. (Exit)

    Act 4, scene 2
    Setting: Priscilla's bed chamber
    (Enter Priscilla and Samuel)
    Samuel: we must start preparing your dress, someone will be coming tomorrow.
    Priscilla: Whys that?
    I need no dress, cancel them. (Sits)
    Samuel: Enough of this!
    Your selfishness will be the end of this family, you are marrying Geoffrey.
    Priscilla: The end of this family was mothers death and it's not fault of mine that the weavers is not as good as it could be.
    Run your business properly and I would not be being sold to the highest bidder!
    Samuel: (raises his hand to Priscilla)
    You have no say in the matter, were poor and they have the upper hand, not us!
    You will learn your place.
    Priscilla: As will you Father.
    (Exit of Samuel)
    (Aside) If only Edmund were here now, he would take me away from this place.
    Despite only meeting several times I love him.
    (Enter Susanna)
    Susanna: I don't mean to interrupt.
    Priscilla: No, no, come in, I must prepare for the ball.
    I trust you delivered my letter?
    Susanna: Yes malady.
    Priscilla: Good, he will save me from this cruel series of events I'm sure.
    Susanna: Yes Madam.
    (Helps dress Priscilla)
    Priscilla: I love him, you know?
    Susanna: More than you'll realise.

    (Running scene)

    Act 4, scene 3
    Priscilla: Tonight my woo's will end.
    Susanna: one moment malady.
    Your corset need tightening. (Pulls out pen knife)
    (Rips the back of Priscilla's dress just above her bum)
    Done malady. (Smirks)
    Priscilla: Thank you. (Exit)

    Act 4, scene 4
    Setting: corridor outside Priscilla's bed chamber
    (Enter Priscilla and Kippers the Clown behind her)
    Kippers: well malady, I must say I thought that dress would be a 'tearable' choice, however it shows a lot of you, perfect for a soon to be married woman.
    Priscilla: Would you walk me into the ball Kippers?
    (Kippers offers his hand and Priscilla accepts and exit)

    Act 5, scene 1
    Brun Manor ballroom
    (Enter Priscilla, kippers, Geoffrey and other attendants)
    Kippers: Here we are malady.
    Priscilla: Georffrey? (Geoffrey turns and takes Priscilla's hand)
    Geoffrey: There you are my love!
    We have been waiting for your entrance.
    Let us dance.
    (Music begins and they dance the Baixar)
    You look beautiful.
    (Puts hand on the rip)
    I beg your pardon but it appears your dress is ripped.
    Priscilla: Oh my! Lord I must go and fix this, my apologies. (Runs away and exit)

    (Running scene)

    Act 5, scene 2
    (Enter Samuel and Lady Brun)
    (Samuel hands Lady Brun wine)
    Samuel: Isn't it glorious?
    Two people in love with all their friends and family to see.
    Lady Brun: yes, you truly did a wonderful job Mr Weber, myself and Geoffrey are more than impressed.
    If only my husband and your wife were here to see it.
    How did she die?
    Samuel: when Priscilla was only eight, her mother contracted the plague, we are only weavers and couldn't afford a doctor, she died only months later.
    I want better for Priscilla, the reason we're here.
    Lady Brun: I'm sorry to hear that. (Puts her hand on Samuels shoulder)
    (Enter Kippers)
    Kippers: Do I interrupt a tender moment?
    Lady Brun: Fool remove yourself from this ball, who invited you?
    Kippers: Why your soon to be Daughter-in-law, I led her in.
    Now I wonder how Geoffrey would feel is a simple fool told him his mother was having an affair with his soon to be wife's father.
    Not great I assume?
    (Samuel kisses Lady Brun and all the room look)
    Kippers: (to lady Brun) It would seem you have some explaining to do. (Laughs and exits)

    (Running scene)
    Act 5, scene 3
    Setting: behind pillar in ballroom
    (Enter Susanna and Edmund)
    Edmund: So who is lucky enough to be marrying Lord Brun?
    Susanna: Priscilla Weber, who I must not care for.
    Edmund: oh.
    I know her, we once kissed and met several times, but she disappeared and I didn't see her again.
    (Looks away)
    Susanna: Bit now you have me, my Prince.
    (Enter Priscilla behind pillar)
    Edmund: Far from a Prince, well you are my true love, the locket is a tocken of my love.
    Susanna: I love you too (They kiss)
    (Exit of Priscilla, crying seen by Susanna only)
    Edmund: Come let's dance. (Exit but Edmund and Susanna)

    (Running sence)

    Act 5, scene 4
    (Enter Priscilla crying and Geoffrey)
    Geoffrey: what is the matter?
    Priscilla: My dress is ripped, I just saw my maid kiss the man I loved, I'm being forced to marry you and I've had enough of being here, why am I here Geoffrey?
    Geoffrey: Ok, the dress can be replaced, you said loved so it no longer matters and forced to marry, you don't have to.
    If it pleases you, you may leave and never return.
    I promise you, I will not hurt the one I love.
    Priscilla: (stops crying) You really love me?
    Georffrey: More than anything, but if you so wish, you may leave, I swear it.
    Priscilla: I will marry you.
    Geoffrey: If it doesn't please you then no.
    Priscilla: It does.
    I want to marry you I swear it to all gods.
    (They kiss)
    Geoffrey: I love you.
    Priscilla: Yes, I know.

    (Thank you for reading! And any comments are much appreciated!)
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