Well hello there. I am a recent college graduate and have found that in my spare time, reading is one of the best things I can do. I read the Iliad first, and found it quite beautiful and enchanting, and then I read the Odyssey. The Odyssey, I must say, is as good as the Iliad, yet better. Why do so many people think that the Iliad is not well thought of? I think it is as popular as the Odyssey, but maybe, just not as well written. The Odyssey has more of a story, a plot, and something for all generations to remember. You always must know that it was the Odyssey, not the Iliad that made Homer a famous poet. As my English teacher would say: "It is the content, not everlasting amount of pages, that makes a book famous". Ah, those were the good old days. I hope you take my letter into thought and post it here on this fabulous website of yours. Well, I hope you have benefitted from this, and I would like to say farewell, as of the future, I hope people will take the Odyssey into more serious consideration. Farewell, and thank you for your time.<br>Sincerely yours,<br>Penny L. Donsaikb