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Thread: Alternate Reality.

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    Alternate Reality.

    The other day I came across the term "multiple morbidity."

    Today there was a new one. "Alternate Reality."

    This has been applied to the shooting down of the Malaysian plane and the way it has been reported i.e The Europeans, Americans and other involved nations are obliged to talk to each other to agree a version of what happened. Putin on the other hand is obliged to talk to no one and can quite simply issue to his citizens through State media a totally different version.

    Leaving the politics to one side, (this being a literature forum) any views on this usage of the English language? Although I would be interested in using a phrase like "Alternate Reality" as a good title for a novel, its use in this instance is just so much jargon, like so much being used today.

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    Looking through some lists of novels about 'alternate reality', I've started to wonder where is the boundary between that term and the term 'science fiction' or only 'fiction'.

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