There was once a story of a shaolin warrior named Munsatir. He destroyed and conquered many terrirtories and land. He was romantic with women and all of their traditional appearances. After he gave up most his prestige positions to be more of a
regular man who focused more on a romance story for himself. He wanted to be a regular man who fell in love with a geisha traditional. He did not know how to portray himself as a big enough loser to not disguise that he was focused on purely romantic times with such a delicate woman.
He figured if she was fascinated by big warriors he could have claimed to already been one but that would ruin the story of him being a big enough loser. In the end he had no chance with the Geisha who already had romantic times with many losers.He considered it a waste of his time and never considered to try to be a warrior again because it was a waste of his time.
Instead he just trailed and met good enough deals to live on being the biggest loser that pretended had a chance with geishas to fool any other man that he might as well be a loser for no more necessary battling and dying should go on.