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Thread: Eliot and Groucho, An Unlikely Pair

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    Eliot and Groucho, An Unlikely Pair

    One guesses that Groucho Marx, while always witty, was more of an intellectual than we gave him credit for, while T. S. Eliot, a stickler for perfection in his poetry and a fastidious literary critic is evidently not as straitlaced and stiff as we might picture him to be.

    Both are men of letters!

    on exhibition at the Library of Congress:

    and a funny anecdote

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    Groucho Marx must have been one of the funniest men ever, so it's no great surprise that T.S. Eliot found him amusing.
    One of his funniest replies, when asked where he would like to be buried, was "On top of Marylin Monroe".
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