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Thread: Deepwater Horizon

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    Quote Originally Posted by kilted exile
    I know of the range of projects and activities being carried out in attempts to find solutions to the dependence on fossil fuels (I studied a wide variety of them at college whilst gettting my environmental engineering tech) The problem is that nuclear is the most viable alternative, it is the sane sobre alternative and what we really should be doing. The problem is more one of scaremongering by various groups with different agendas which has people constantly worrying about the prospect of another chernobyl or about what happens if it leaks.

    Where I live currently is about 50 km from a nuclear power plant and also a DGR (deep geologic repository) where nuclear waste from a large number of facilities throughout the continent are stored. There is no concern because correct management practices are being carried out an safety checks are in place. I have never seen even one letter to either of the local newspapers in town here about any resident worrying over nuclear, I do however see at least one letter a week by residents decrying the wind turbines that have been installed and the impact on human health from vibration and noise, not to mention the effect on local wildlife.
    Kilt - I typed a reply but created a new thread because I didn't want to detract from this discussion. It's over in the Serious Discussions thread, as this one should be as well.
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