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Thread: Wings Of Time

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    Wings Of Time


    Time is like an eagle
    flying free along the coast
    and white coloured seagulls
    follow in the second post
    in the great formation
    flying where the wind will blow
    feeling the vibration
    of the heartbeat as it grows

    Wings of time
    stronger than the seasons
    fly so fine
    They never need no reasons

    Time is just a free bird
    in a universal flight
    never to be heard
    and sometimes out of sight
    Eagle's destination
    lies in living food's domain
    Time flies through the ancient
    spinning wheel of once again

    Time is seeking comrades
    on it's journey every day
    All the darkest shades
    will get an offer if we pray
    Time is what we spend
    and time flies 'round in circling rings
    Any captured moment
    in a lifetime has its wings

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    Your words provoke such wonderful imagery, it is a very beautiful poem. A thought-provoking peice of poetry.

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    sorry to be nitpicky; this is pretty, but did you mean to use a double negative? it seems out of place.
    They never need no reasons
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    the air and water have been here a long time, and they are telling stories.

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    I like the poem. Do you have anymore?

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