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Thread: songs of maldoror

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    Exclamation songs of maldoror

    "songs of maldoror" by isidore ducasse or Comte de Lautréamont
    A great epic poem!!!!!!!!

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    Sounds... interesting:
    A macabre and beautiful narrative prose poem that follows the outrageous exploits of the main character. It is filled with violent, obscene and blasphemous imagery of his deeds as he 'celebrates the principle of Evil. . . with a passion akin to religious fanaticism.'

    Comte de Lautreamont (1846 - 1870) Poet
    Unknown during his short life, Lautreamont used his 'genius to depict the delights of cruelty' in telling the tale of Maladoror whose exploits encompass murder, eroticism, sadomasochism, violence, blasphemy, obscenity, putrefaction and dehumanization. The Surrealists later adopted him as a precursor of their movement.

    info taken from here
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    not bad, so it sounds. i have the book, maybe i'll give it a go...

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