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Thread: need help - act 1 scene 5

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    Exclamation need help - act 1 scene 5

    I need help with my romeo and juliet cw which was due 3 months age!!! opps!! Anyways can anyone help with this question:

    How does Romeo learn about Juliet's family and how does he react?

    I know the reaction but i am not sure how to explain it properly..

    Any help will do,,

    Katherine x
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    Hello Curlyk,

    If you post what you have got so far, I am sure some members would be more than willing to offer their opinions/thoughts.

    Good luck!
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    I have a question, is it referring to the feud or learning what Juliet's last name is and knowing she was supposed to be his enemy? I can help if it's the last one.....
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