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Thread: coursework!! plz help

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    Question coursework!! plz help

    hi all,,

    I'm doing my Romeo and Juliet coursework and i'm stuck,, lol

    The question i need help with is this one: Look at the moment when Romeo sees Juliet for the first time. why is this moment both dramatic and romantic??

    I understand the romantic part, i just dont get the dramatic part because it is a romantic part of the play,, but is leading up to a dramatic scene,,

    Please reply as i really need help!

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    Not sure how to answer this question because the word "dramatic" is kind of vague. I do know that the moment Romeo sees Juliet that the "tragedy" has begun, in that their relationship is the basis for all the tragic events that follow. Had Romeo not seen Juliet and just left the party, then the play would go nowhere. Their meeting is the primary plot complication that must take place for all else to happen.

    Don't know if that's helpful.
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    It could be dramatic in that, it's "love at first sight" and then they find out that they're from feuding families and it's like, oh the horror!
    Also, Romeo is quite dramatic in how he speaks, he compares her to a holy shrine and Juliet says that her grave will be her wedding bed. So it is quite dramatic.

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