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Thread: Sidney sonnet 90 vs Shakespeare sonnet 76

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    Sidney sonnet 90 vs Shakespeare sonnet 76

    Hey guys,
    So, I'm doing an essay at the moment on Sidney's sonnet 90 & Shakespeare's sonnet 76 comparing how the poet conveys the notion of authorship in each case. And basically, I'm struggling a bit. Now, I'm more at ease with Shakespeare's sonnet - I understand what it's about etc. But I'm having difficulty understanding Sidney's sonnet. I've tried searching on the net but I'm not having alot of luck and it means I can't continue with my essay at the moment. If anyone could help me get to grips the concept of this sonnet I'd be very grateful!

    Also, any comments on how the two are similiar/dissimiliar, notion of authorship etc would be greatly appreciated too!

    Thanks alot in advance

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    Sir Philip Sidney

    Astrophel and Stella

    Sonnet XC

    Stella, think not that I by verse seek fame,
    Who seek, who hope, who love, who live but thee;
    Thine eyes my pride, thy lips mine history;
    If thou praise not, all other praise is shame.
    Nor so ambitious am I as to frame
    A nest for my young praise in laurel tree;
    In truth, I swear I wish not there should be
    Graved in mine epitaph a poet's name.
    Ne, if I would, I could just title make,
    That any laud to me thereof should grow,
    Without my plumes from others' wings I take;
    For nothing from my wit or will doth flow,
    Since all my words thy beauty doth endite,
    And love doth hold my hand and makes me write.

    is it this sonnet what u ask for?
    Sir Philip Sidney wrote "Defense of Poesy" ,all i know about his poetic side is his answers to Puritans' accusations.
    -1st accusation is "Poetry is useless",Puritans say.Sidney's answer is that:"Poetry teaches and moves to virtue" this answer is the answer of the 3rd accusation that the Puritans make.(3rd accusation is "Poetry is sinful")
    -2nd accusation is"Poetry doesn't tell the truth being "mother of lies" ".Sidney's answer is that:"What is to lie,to lie is to affirm that to be true which is false.Nothing affirms therefore never lies".Poetry is just the result of the good invention of the poet's imagination,poetic mind.

    That's all i can help.

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