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Thread: Where did Hook come from

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    Where did Hook come from

    Hi everyone...
    Hook is adult, and thus he was already a grown up when he arrived in
    >neverland as you can not grow up there...
    >He came from england, like the lost boys, but peter brought the lost boys,
    >and i'm willing to bet peter pan didnt teach the adult hook to fly.... so
    >how did he get there?

    does anyone know????

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    I'm thinking that he and his men sailed there on the wings of a storm, in much the same way that Dorothy arrived in Oz.
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    i think that hook is the adult manifestation of peter

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    Arrow Hook

    if you want to know were Captain Hook came from i suggest you read some of the prequels to Peter Pan. My favorites are Capt. Hook: The Adventures of a Notorious Youth and Peter and the Starcachers
    here is a helpful link....

    what i mabey they came uppon the island for like treasure and stuff (cuz u no they r pirates) and now captain hook doesnt want to leave the island cuz he wants his revenge from peter for cutting off his hand. So therefore mabey Hook and pirates could have just got to the island or shortly after (like a cupple months) cuz barrie never says how long hook has had a hook. And the pirates got to the island when they were adults and not children and mabey they dont leave cuz they discovered this power and dont want to get old and die (even though they get killed by the lost boys) My point is there are a number of possibilities to answer your question and no real one true answer (like that barrie came up with himself) oh and none of the pirates can fly...even with farie dust cuz they are adults and not children who are "gay and innocent" Thats why i was supprised to see hook fly in the 2003 movie not to mention wendy kissing peter! but thats a different subjest......
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    I think I know the reason to Hook"s existence

    I am pritty sure I have found the true meaning to Hook's existence, as well as Peter's, and the crocodile's. Here goes: The story is about Peter Pan, he is the main character. The story within the story suggests otherwise making Wendy the main character. Yes I said Wendy. Incase you have not noticed Hook is always played (in the traditional plays) by the same person who plays Mr. Darling. (Also, as a side note it says in the book that Hook was not born on the Neverland) The same happened in the Disney movie, the new one (with Jeremy Sumpter) and in the original play. Peter is Wendy's youth. The crocodile is time. Hook must kill Peter (or Wendy's youth) before the clock within the crocodile runs down and Hook can no longer hear the crocodile's tick and have time to run away. Once this time runs down Wendy will stay a child forever and never grow up. Yes I know Peter defeats Hook. Let me explain that as well: Hook goes peacefully to the crocodile (in the book) and if you dont believe me look at it yourselves because he catches Peter's "Bad Form." He catches this in his very last moment and then goes content to the crocodile. To translate that back to Mr. Darling, Wendy, etc. He went down knowing that no matter his end, Wendy would grow up. Some would say Peter is the Victor of this story (and he is in his right) but I also have no doubts that Hook/Mr. Darling won as well in his own small, but satisfying, way. I take it upon myself to read this book one night at least once a month. I have never loved a book more. This is only one opinion but please take it to thought and tuck it away.

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    the point of the book and the movies is that its about children and how peter pan avoids adult things and growing up

    your not supposed to think about the logic of it .. but accept that thats how it happens

    just enjoy it for what it is and try not to overthink it ..

    and peter pan is real .. maybe he has a different name .. but hes out there

    and so are fairies .. they are definately real =)

    love <3

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