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Thread: Writers similar to Cormac McCarthy

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    Writers similar to Cormac McCarthy

    Hi, I'd love some recommendations. Cormac McCarthy is my favorite writer: Blood Meridian, All The Pretty Horses, The Road. Could you please recommend me some writers who have his same wordsmith abilities, diction, boldness, prowess. I can't find anyone that compares.

    I read Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy for their content, and Hemingway and McCarthy for their style and content, in need of some new but similar writers.


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    I think most writers are unique. (Just like the rest of us) I would be hard-pressed to think of any writer with the same combination of qualities as Mr McCarthy possesses.

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    Look at our book list. If I recommend you someone all I'm doing is telling you whose writing I like. You already seem to have ideas of your own about who you like reading and why.

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    I think you would like JM Coetzee, a Nobel Prize winner He is South African.. In similarity to the abovementioned McCarthy books, Disgrace is most similar in tone, narrative and style - characters too. His book Waiting for the Barbarians is strikingly to The Road. Also, i LIKE Youth, Summertime, and Boyhood. His other writing i.e the Jesus books and essays are not good in my opinion, and the opinion of many. Again, this is subjective stuff.

    Have a look. He writing is spare, cold, economic and jarring. Good stuff, but no flowery stuff. I love it though.
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