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Thread: Can one ignore an authorís character and what they write?

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    Can one ignore an authorís character and what they write?

    By asking, "Can one ignore an authorís character and what they write?" I mean that I think that I would find it difficult to read a book by a mass murderer or anyone I dislike for many different reasons. I ask this question because I think that subject must have been discussed somewhere or am I wrong?

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    It happens very often, that on reads a book, without knowing anything about the author. If I like a book very much and think the book has autobiographical content, I have a look at the authorīs Wikipedia page.
    On the other hand it sometimes happens that I donīt read a book, because I donīt agree with the authorīs ideas.
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    Why am I banned?

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    Can you post a question if you are "banned"? Now that's a post for the philosophistry page! There are a lot of writers who I have never read and have no intention of doing so based on their public persona. There are a lot of wrters who I have read and are so irritating that once was enough. I have chucked books in the bin once read. I have enjoyed a small number of writers despite sharing few or any of their opinions. As for mass murders. That's pretty much a full time job.

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