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Thread: What do Russians think of the high society in Leo Tolstoy?

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    What do Russians think of the high society in Leo Tolstoy?

    I dare say the Russians consider Leo Tolstoy their greatest writer, or maybe Dostoevsky is. I am guessing Tolstoy wrote about aristocrats more than any other great Russian writers. In light of the Russian Revolution, Communism, and whatever system they consider they have now, what do Russians think about Tolstoy's books? There are a lot of princes and princesses in Tolstoy's books. In real life were all those aristocrats executed after the revolution? Do Russians sometimes think, reading War and Peace or Anna Karenina, 'Well those social inequalities were unjustifiable, but somehow we made a wrong turn' ? Back in Tolstoy's day Russia was integrated in Europe. The richer ones at least were very well educated, and could afford to tour around Europe. Now I dare say Russians are regarded with a degree of suspicion.
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    This Russian thinks, killing off aristocrats don't help. This Russian thinks Socialism is a terrible system. Communism even worse (check China out, a semi free market totalatarian state, preserving the power and autocracy, and freeing up the market.

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