sharp as daggers
cut wounds so deep
time cannot heal yet
mend broken hearts
calm troubled souls
right gravest wrongs
relax anxious psyches

trample spirits
quench passions yet
bring hope
reinforce faith
build character
uplift expectations

pointed but often missing the point
cursed from unbridled tongues yet
God-sent blessings in times of need
complimentary when deserving or
when not

the vileís graffiti
the uncouthís expletives yet
loversí compositions
dreamersí poems
sublime rhyme paradigms:
nine fine lines, dines yet pines
sweet wines, splines align sines

a foolís wine
a complainerís vinegar yet
champagne of the wise
sweet honey of the optimist:
prized for insight and
cherished for good sense

tofu for the silly
sugarís empty calories for the
self-centered, self-indulgent yet
refresh the mindful
encourage the soulful
nourish the thoughtful
sustain the watchful

destroy beauty
slash lifeís canvases yet
inspire creators of splendor
motivate inventors of wonders
excite painters of hopes
stimulate dreams minds can conceive

split relationships beyond repair
smash friendships yet
bind two as one when
braided with understanding
interwoven with love
knitted with forgiveness

when foolishly uttered: squandered
if malicious or deceitful: criminal
priceless treasures when
selflessly spoken
timeless if
skillfully written

If Iím remembered only by my words,
shall I choose words that
lift up or tear down
encourage or demean
praise or curse?
Words are my legacy: Lord grant me
wisdom deciding which to use